Insurance Agent Marketing – What Determines the Best States

You of course want to become a top insurance marketing pro. Your territory may consist of the entire nation or a region of states. Whether you realize it or not, each state has its own “personality”, making certain states easier for a marketing firm to recruit agents. Without knowing the best states for insurance agent marketing, you will very well likely find your insurance recruiting campaign a failure. Knowledge is golden. Recruiting 101 states: “Insurance Recruiting & Insurance Agent Marketing fails when you try to turn losers into winners.”

You will be shown below how this beneficial information is formulated.

Secrets revealed. Listed for you is the insurance marketing information obtained to determine the ranking for insurance agent marketing in each state. Insurance agents were analyzed over and beyond normal boundaries in preparing this marketing report. An immense insurance agent database was closely evaluated looking for trends, statistics, and figures. Next viewed were a state’s health and life insurance agents as to how many brokers they have.

This info is closely compared to the demand from insurance company recruiting directors, regional recruiters, brokerage firms, wholesalers, independent marketing organizations, and state managing general agents. Next required factoring in a large amount of the most current economic, Also important is to consider the feedback results received from recruiting firms that mail insurance agents in that state.. Look at the chart below, this shows just 30 of the areas used to analyze and rate the states as accurately as possible for insurance agent marketing rank.

A few other factors supporting the ratings are the number of large metropolitan areas in a state, the impact of career life insurance training agencies, the frequency of fraternal life insurance organizations. Additional knowledge we consider is the impact of super captive multi-life agencies (AAA, S.F, Nationwide, Farm Bureau, Allstate, etc.) along with multi-line independent agencies in farming states. Some states are 5 years ahead of most for insurance marketing. Yet others are 5 years behind most for insurance agent marketing conditions.

30 Areas Evaluated before determining a state’s Insurance Agent Marketing Capability.

1. The insurance marketing demand for that state

2. Total State Population from census data

3. Shifting Amount of Population Change

4. Residents per Square Mile

5. Life/health Agents per thousand residents

6. Total State licensed life and health agents

7. Total net agents statewide that broker business

8. Ranking of this state’s brokers versus other states

9. Largest State counties of life/health sales agents

10. Percentage of agents in five largest counties

11. Closely Estimating number of PPGA’s, General Agents, & MDRT producers

12. Producers in the state brokering Annuity products

13. Producers in the state brokering Financial products

14. Producers in the state brokering Life Insurance products

15. Producers in the state brokering Individual Health plans

16. Producers in the state brokering Group Benefit plans

17. Producers in the state brokering Senior Health plans

18. Producers in the state brokering Senior Life & Health

19. Total Producers brokering any form of health insurance product

20. The United States Senior population percentage average

21. The State’s senior population percentage average

22. Percentage of State residents with a high school diploma or equivalent

23. Percentage of State residents with a College Degree

24. Median Family Income in the state.

25. Median Family Income ranking compared to all states

26. Per capita money income per person in the state

27. Percentage of over $100,000 income, using latest census data

28. Percentage of jobs involving finance, insurance, and real estate

29. Percentage of firms that are minority owned statewide

30. Feedback results from insurance agent marketing firms

Real Estate Agent Marketing That Generates Transactions

In every market there are new real estate agents getting into the market and agents that want to change their marketing to generate more business. For most agents that means starting off with a strategy that is based around them and their “image”. After all, people are “buying into you” when they are buying a home right?

The misconception that your brand is all about you is what leads people to create postcards, magazine ads, and websites with huge pictures of themselves. Sadly as home buyers and sellers rush to the market in cities all across the country, they aren’t saying “Wow, I hope I can find an agent with a huge picture who is honest and has integrity”. It doesn’t happen!

To embrace real estate agent marketing efforts should be focused on lead generation by meeting the customers’ needs. A focus on the number of leads that you can generate from each marketing piece will keep your costs low and allow you to cut your budget should one of your campaigns not result in new business.

Now that you have abandoned branding as a form of marketing, where should one focus to get results? The first step to getting more leads that turn into transactions comes in deciding on your marketing message.

A Marketing Message Generates Calls Monthly
A marketing message is NOT a slogan. A slogan is something like “Everything I Touch Turns To Sold” or “Honest Service for 22 years”. These messages aren’t compelling and certainly won’t get anyone to pick up the phone. No one is out there looking for a dishonest real estate professional, so stating that you are “honest” isn’t making a statement at all!

A marketing message is a statement that saves someone time or money (sometimes both). It is best to have buyer messages and seller messages as they have different needs. These messages can be included on any real estate agent marketing and should be prominent to compel a total stranger to pick up the phone and want to get more information.

Take the following seller marketing message:

I Sell Homes 21 Days Faster And For 2.1% More Money Than The Average Agent

That marketing message saves someone time and money! Put this on a post card and watch your phone ring. This message is specific and will work in any market because it saves someone money (2.1% more in the seller’s pocket) and it saves someone time (21 days faster). You could easily test this postcard and your traditional “slogan” card by sending them both out to the same group of people and see which one generates more phone calls. Keep the card that generates the most calls and keep running it.

Effective real estate agent marketing generates calls every month. Every six months the needs of the markets so take time to track the number of calls and the transactions you are closing from each of your marketing pieces.

Real Estate Agent Marketing: Raise Your Profile, Increase Profits

The old marketing adage says credibility plus visibility leads to profitability. You’ve spent time and money to build your identity as a credible, expert real estate agent. Marketing consistently can help you to stay visible and get the profitability you deserve.

Here are five ways you can raise your profile in your market:

Get on Board! A fabulous way to get on the radar screen of influencers while doing something good for your community is to serve on a Board. People who serve on boards tend to be active, well-connected in the community and socially conscious. Generous people like those who donate their time, are good to know and connect with. Find a Board that is likely to need your credibility-building expertise in real estate, such as an organization dealing with affordable housing. Follow your sincere interests so you’ll have a fun time while making powerful contacts.

Drip Marketing. As a real estate agent, marketing yourself may feel uncomfortable, and that cause you to do less than you should. The idea behind drip marketing is to get on the radar screen of your prospects and contacts on a regular basis, just like a drip from your leaky tap. Eventually the teeny drip fills up a tub to overflowing, and your “touches” lead to new clients, referrals and other opportunities. The best way to stay in ongoing contact with your community is with a monthly newsletter that shares useful information, either by email or print. Other good ways to touch clients are with postcards and special occasion mailings. For key influencers you can even place phone calls to touch base, drop off gifts on a quarterly basis or meet for coffee.

Strategic Visibility – Referral Partners: While it’s good to have a high profile in your community, it also works to be strategically visible with those key influencers we just mentioned. If you follow the 80/20 rule, you’ll know that 80% of referrals come from just 20% of your contacts. Knowing, and nurturing relationships with, a select group of referral partners can keep you stocked with all the leads you can handle. In addition to the obvious ones like mortgage brokers, title companies and home inspectors, seek out divorce attorneys, remodeling contractors and well-connected past clients.

Know the Corporate Relo People in HR. If your community has large businesses, you can build a nice niche helping executives relocate and find homes in your area. When I returned to the US after 7 years overseas, the HR department at one leading soda company set me up with a relocation specialist who normally worked with their foreign executives (guess I was one too after 7 years abroad!) For this agent, marketing to international companies and being known as a relocation specialist was key to getting leads.

Build Online Visibility with a Blog. We’ve talked before about the importance of blogging for your real estate agent website, but did you know it’s also a visibility strategy? Blogging is a powerful traffic generator and can attract qualified leads to your website. How do you know they’re qualified? If you blog using key search terms, then you’ll connect with Internet searchers who are looking for the information you are providing. Busy people don’t search for information online for no reason; they’re usually motivated to act now. The beauty of a blog is that you become more credible as an expert. After all, anyone regularly publishing informative articles week after week must know her stuff, no?;-)

Let’s face it: Real estate is a competitive field, and you’ve got to stand out to be a successful agent. Marketing yourself on a regular basis will ensure you are able to help more people and enjoy a profitable business. Isn’t that why you went into this career in the first place?

Real Estate Agent Marketing Article

The real estate business is becoming tough. There are innumerable real estate agents in the US, making impressing a true challenge. Every real estate agent is special, hence, every real estate agent marketing campaign must fit its subject. It is fundamental to utilize the trial and error formula with various ideas until you find the ideal strategy for you, one that suits your personality, budget and aims.

Marketing can be intimidating; we show below several ideas we think can make the path easier for you and prove effective for drawing in the target clients. We promise that one, two or several of these will fit you once you are set to start your real estate agent marketing venture.

One. Begin a blog. A blog will help you grow your real estate business in many manners and is simple to use, making it easier to post interesting and pertinent real estate information. More quality content translates into more solid Internet presence that translates into being found on the Internet faster and stimulating a positive response from users. A blog allows you the possibility to mingle with your visitors and meet them personally, which is an important characteristic of every real estate agent marketing strategy aiming to to express to your visitors that you care for them and their needs.

Two. Increase Internet presence. Your real estate agent marketing campaign wants you to gain as many potential clients as you can. The web is an amazing way to reach persons in every place of the earth, and once you blend a website, a blog, Internet news and writings, you can be certain people will reach you, as you are everywhere. You will appear as an expert as your name is widely spread.

Idea number three. Enhance your direct marketing plans. The Internet is a fundamental real estate agent marketing tool, however, there are others of the same worth. Direct marketing is very effective to strengthen and secure your real estate business also. Try various direct marketing instruments and research what is effective; give extra value to your messages so that clients are prompted to respond.

Fourth idea. Implement PR. utilize it to thrust your real estate agent marketing campaign and reinforce your brand. A publication in a local paper, a pertinent press release or a free talk in your town regarding hints to buy a property, go a long way when trying to earn a strong image among clients.

Idea number five. Offer clients something to speak about. Your company depends almost totally on word of mouth, hence, facilitate for clients to want to talk about you and your services incessantly. Provide distinctiveness which will make you resistless and that everyone would desire to communicate to others. Nothing is ruled out, just imagine what would impress your market and research a way to give it to them: free interior design ideas, free yard consultation or a tour around their new town. The sky is the limit.

A real estate agent marketing campaign is about imagination and, as every other venture, about placing yourself in the clients’ place and going beyond their expectations. Get onto it!